Going green is something I’m pretty passionate about. I prefer to use chemical-free cleaning suplies and frequently visit my neighborhood farmers marketfor local, organic food. 


But I’m going to be completely honest here: When it comes to beauty products, I’m too often willing to turn a blind eye. And I know that has to change!


So after I moved to Copenhagen my hair turned into a dry, stubborn mess that looked more like a bird’s nest than the soft shiny hair I used to have. The shampoo was building up in my hair and everyting I tried from drugstore to supermarket to organic and yes I even washed it a few times with dishwashing soap, but nothing worked. And the reason? simple. The water n Copenhagen is extremely hard with a high concentration of minerals and can leave you with dry har, scalp and skin. 


Then once again, I was on the hunt for a new magical shampoo and conditioner that would safe my hair when I spied out the gorgeous new bottles of Botanicals products from Loreal. I jumped of joy when I saw that it was without silicones, parabens and colourants, and grabbed the whole line and took a b-line to the counter. 

Ylfa Grönvold